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58 5 Stars reviews on Google to date...

Stephanie always makes our gatherings special. She was recommended to us by a local popular restaurant, and she did not disappoint. We have been using her ever since. Everything she has prepared for us has been delicious, and she takes such good care of us. Kim Maleh client since 2019

It was a delight to work with Stephanie planning a meal for our family ski vacation! She was quick to respond to my numerous emails and was able to prepare a delicious gluten free meal that we all loved. It was so nice to come home after a day of skiing and have a great dinner that required no work on our part. And we had delicious leftovers for lunch the next day. Next time we visit Okemo we will make sure to order more than just one dinner! Gillian O'Callaghan Feb. 2021

In short, Steph from Chef To Table is amazing. We had a small, isolated gathering to celebrate our wedding. I reached out to Steph and she was happy to help accommodate our schedule with little notice beforehand.

It was a bit of a risk as we were unable to try any of her food beforehand, but I'm not sure why we were nervous. Everything was AMAZING. She prepared an entire taco bar for 20 people, with all the "fixings", and a delicious steak dinner which was cooked to perfection (also there is something magical about her garlic mashed potatoes). The portions were perfect, the quality of meat and produce was outstanding, and she was even able to drop it off and provide us with instructions on what and how to heat and serve each course.

Steph's pricing was very reasonable, especially considering the level of service she provided. I encourage anyone reading this to reach out, we are incredibly appreciative of her efforts to help may our ceremony special and cannot recommend her highly enough!

Thanks again Steph!  Dan Messmer Feb. 2021

Steph was amazing, food was delivered on time with clear instructions, and everything was fresh, healthy, and tasty. And portions were generous without being wasteful. Steph was excellent with accommodating dietary restrictions and allergies, and was even able to customize meals for picky eaters. Everyone loved the food, and Steph was great about communicating about menus and payments. And definitely get the salt crusted prime rib, it was amazing! Thank you! Steph made our trip really feel like a vacation. Phillip Tiongson Feb.2021

Four Fabulous Christmas week holiday meals! Our family throughly enjoyed each of the thoughtfully prepared and very flavorful appetizers, entrees and desserts! Steph’s creativity and attention to detail to her cooking is exceptional. Highly recommend!! Laura Cashel Dec. 2020

We had the pleasure of having Steph cook for our family and friends multiple times this winter while on ski trips to Vermont. Steph's food is amazing, plentiful, flavorful and was a great hit! It's always great when I don't have to cook for a crowd and Steph handled the cooking beautifully. Would absolutely recommend her and use her again.Lorin Cipolla Jan. 2021

We hired Steph for our wedding. From the start she was incredibly responsive and helpful. We worked together to make a menu. She was great with our safety requests for a COVID responsible wedding. She showed up promptly and took care of everything so I didn’t have to worry. Food was incredible and delicious! So thankful for her to be a part of our day! Christi Burke Oct. 2020

Amazing food and such good company! Each meal was incredible and had a wide variety for all to enjoy. Very personable and got along great with everyone. Would highly recommend to anybody for any and all events.

Shane MacNeill Oct. 2020

Steph was amazing at our five day wedding event at Glimmerstone Mansion in VT. Not only was she there for our intimate dinner for two, the girls luncheon, and a 5 course spectacular for 16 at dinner, BUT she was there for us all to talk about local activities, culture, and experiences we shouldn't miss. She engaged with the group and even brought some culinary books for one of the girls who showed interest in following a culinary career path. She was definitely 100% there for the groom (me) whose go to answer was "let's call Steph!" even brought his favorite split pea soup as a special treat. Can't say enough good about the experience we had with Steph, and all she recommended for us to utilize to make the fine details of our event a huge success.

Frank Ouellette Oct. 2020

Wow Steph, you did a wonderful job! Thank you so much for all of your energy and time, your delicious recipes, your hard work all alone! You should really be proud of your skill in the kitchen. You created a fantastic meal for our wedding celebration. It was special, it was beautiful, and every one was so happy. 

Susan Adams Sept. 6, 2020


Thank you again for the dinner you cooked at my house. Everyone enjoyed the meal, the dessert in particular was unique and delicious. You were easy to work with and enabled me to concentrate on my guests.

I will be sure to reach out again for the next time we plan an event.

Howard Fischer August 17, 2016

Steph Karner, owner of Chef To Table did an amazing job at the Audubon Vermont cocktail party we hosted at our home in Dorset. She created truly delicious hors d’oeuvres—spanakopita, chicken satay and tomato/mozzerella skewers—and prepared the most beautiful cheese platter and tiered vegetable crudite display with delicious homemade pesto, hummus and tzatziki. At the last minute, she had surplus blueberries and offered to include, at no additional charge, blueberry gazpacho shots. They were a conversation starter, adding a nice seasonal touch and enjoyed by everyone. Her passion for cooking and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful tablescape and many happy guests. We look forward to working with Steph the next time we entertain.

Jill Schwab August 17, 2019

Thank you so much for making our family dinner so special. Here is a review. I'm happy to post on whatever site you want (google, yelp, etc.) if you send me your business name.

"If you want a meal, you can go to any local restaurant. If you are craving a culinary experience, you must dine with Steph. Wow. Her attention to flavor, texture and variety was impressive, and her ability to cater to gluten free, vegetarian and meat-eating diets, all in one meal, was simply remarkable. I am always inspired by someone who brings passion and excellence to their craft, and that's exactly what you will get when you choose Steph. Bon appetit!"

Jennifer Fox March 3, 2019

Here is my little homage:
Steph Karner
Master Chef  -  Dinner Planner  - Maitre d’Hotel
When I needed a Chef for an eight person dinner party to celebrate my wife’s birthday, a dear friend recommended Steph and we quickly came to terms - three months in advance.
I’m a nut about details so I wrote up everything I hoped to see and Steph and I worked out the details.  We ended up at Java Baba’s coffee shop in Ludlow, after hours, dining on table cloths with stem-ware and candles - Steph executed my plans so completely that it brought tears to my eyes when we all entered the room.
And then the food - part our family recipes, part from Steph’s family, and every diner provided their chosen entre.  Rita said hers was the best steak she had ever had in her life; Bill and Pete thought the Cioppino was every bit as good as their Mother’s; and the Pasta Primavera was excellent.
Steph proved herself beyond all doubt, to be a grand Chef, a masterful dinner Planner, and a meticulous and artful maitre d’Hotel.

John Hale March 3, 2019

Amazing food with amazing friends! Thank you again and looking forward to next year!
Tara Spiess February 2019

Thank you for the last minute dinner you brought to our home for a New Year’s Eve gathering. We all really enjoyed it!
Irene M. New Year's Eve 2019

Steph is a conscientious good cook who is always pleasant to have in your kitchen.
Karen Dartley December  2016 / 2017

Just wanted to take a moment to provide you with a review of our incredible experience on Sat. March 2nd, 2019 at Java Baba’s.
From the moment we walked into the venue we could tell how much thought and care went into the preparation for the evening.  It was the perfect celebration for my mother’s 87th birthday, and provided all of us with a memory of a lifetime.  As the only Gluten Free person in our party, I was especially grateful for the extra care you put into the special appetizers (YUM), and the gluten free crusty bread, which honestly blew me away.  It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed warmed, crusty delicious bread, and although for many this is a minor thing, after not having it for many years it was a special treat that was indicative of the level of detail you put into the evening. 

Everything, from the delicious seafood stew to the attentive service surpassed our expectations and made for a memorable evening with our family.   Thank you Chef Karner for all of the thought you put into this evening, and for all of the prep that we’ll never know you did to make it all come off perfectly!
Thanks Steph. Not sure if you need this, but my official review is 5 stars, but I can’t fill that out via email, so here it is!! *****

Peter Turok March 3, 2019

We used Steph Karner of Chef To Table several times this past month and were very pleased with her services.  She is a lovely person and so easy to work with.  Her food is delicious and eye appealing.  The ingredients fresh and interesting.  I would highly recommended her and will continue using her services.

Carolyn Kapioltas  July 4, 2018-2021

Steph was amazing to work with. She planned and prepared a delicious meal for a recent bachelorette party at Okemo. After a day on the slopes, all 8 of us where exhausted, but Steph jumped right in to our condo rental's kitchen with all of her provisions. The food was delicious, healthy, and best of all, almost entirely local. We'll definitely be reaching out again for her services!

Catherine B.  March 3, 2016


Your enthusiasm for cooking is contagious! It's what you should be doing. LOVED the asparagus soup. I had to share it with three others, so we sipped a savored slowly. Wonderful flavor and just right for  an early Spring treat.

Ellen Ecker Ogden March 10, 2015


Steph is a wiz at blending creative concoctions in the kitchen which are not only yummy to taste but nutritious too! I enjoy her soups in particular--a zest of culture mixed with local flare and flavor! Thanks Steph, for your soulful bowls!

Julie H.  January 28, 2016


I have enjoyed a few different soups from Stephanie. They are made with the freshest ingredients available and full of delicious, spicy flavors. She makes pick-up easy and is a pleasure to do business with.

Lee B.  January 8, 2016


Stephanie's carefully crafted soups are homemade, organic, healthy, gluten free and, most importantly - DELICIOUS! I have tried a variety of her creations, including her Tom Kha Gai, Portuguese kale and my all time favorite, Thai butternut squash soup - each full of flavor and love. I always look forward to trying her latest creations. Thank you Stephanie!

Elizabeth K.  January 8, 2016


Steph's soups are made with love and are incredibly delicious! She offers an eclectic variety and uses the freshest ingredients which is evident in the final product. I highly recommend Soulful Bowl!

Sara G.  January 7, 2016


I have tried several soups and dishes from the Soulful Bowl and loved every one of them. But, I must say, the Korean Rice Bowl is amazing!! I want more!

Bev P.  January 7, 2016

Steph's soups are some of the most amazing creations I've ever had! Not only are they mouthwatering and fulfilling, they're made with clean, healthy ingredients and are infused with her love and passion. I would highly recommend Soulful Bowl to anyone and everyone!

Gardner Orton.  January 7, 2016

Steph makes great stuff. Period. Her fish chowder, chicken chili and tom kha gai are my favorites. Order with confidence cause it's all great!

Bill C.  January 6, 2016


Omg Stephanie outdid herself 😍😍😍 the tom ka guy is amazing!

Brendan B. Age 14 December 23, 2015


I just had some of your chili for lunch and it was SO GOOD! Yum yum yum!

Gary C. November 20, 2015


We have loved all of your creations thus far, most recently your Greek Avgolemeno soup, your savory chicken chili and the divine Portuguese kale soup! Looking forward to whatever it is you're creating come late November. Thank you Stephanie! You are a culinary wizard!

Lizzie K. November 4, 2015


Just picked up Kale Walnut Pesto. To die for. I baked 2 organic chicken breast and for the last ten minutes I smothered them with this pesto! Sliced chicken and put over salad. It was fabulous. Thanks Stephanie.

Sandy D. May 24, 2015


Thanks Steph for my delivery!! I'm sure my cold will get better soon after I have your chicken broth!

Marji G. April 5, 2015


Absolutely amazing!!!!!!

Nicole F. January 18, 2015


Soulful Bowl's latest masterpiece - the incredible Fish Chowda - was not only the best chowder I've ever eaten in my life, it was one of the best soups I have ever had, and one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. Period. It was incredibly rich - but from the perfect harmony of its simply ingredients, not from heavy cream or butter. It was, in a word, perfection! Everyone who can should get a taste of one of Soulful Bowl's masterful creations! 

Logan B. December 15, 2014


I loved your Tom Kha Gai Soup! just had the last bit. Can't wait for your Portuguese Kale soup!

Deane C. November 17, 2014


Thankyou for my soup it was wonderful the best butternut I've ever had.

Tracy L. November 2, 2014


Butternut soup was fantastic! Just the right amount of heat!! Thanks

Carrie A. November 2, 2014


Amazing butternut squash soup!! You can count on me to order some more!

Laurie B. October 28, 2014





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